I have been charged with a crime. What should I do next?


Keep the paperwork that the police officers have handed or that you have received by mail. Those documents contain important information, dates, and appointments. Write in general terms the events that have led to the police intervention and your arrest. Keep this document private. We strongly advise that you only speak of those events with your lawyer first. Get in touch with the office of Me Arij Riahi for an initial consultation and discuss the events and the documents given by the police. We also discuss your conditions, any changes of conditions, as well as your presence at your first court date. 

I have received a ticket and I want to contest it. What should I do next?


If you have an argument that you want to raise regarding the ticket, check the “not guilty” box on the back of the ticket. Correct your address if you need do and mention that you request full disclosure of the evidence held against you. You have thirty (30) days to make sure that your guilty plea is received by the Court. Make sure you respect this delay.

Get in touch with the office of Me Arij Riahi for an initial consultation, discuss the events leading to the ticket, and assess if you would require the assistance of a lawyer for the rest of the proceedings.

Do I need to present myself to register my fingerprints?


The documents that were handed to you by the police include an appointment date to have your fingerprints registered with the police, in accordance with the Identification of Criminals Act. You may face additional criminal charges if you omit to undergo the identification process.

We strongly advise you to get in touch with the office of Me Arij Riahi if you have any concerns regarding the identification process.

Know that if you are acquitted or if you see the charges held against you being withdrawn, the office of Me Arij Riahi is able to take care of the request for destruction of your fingerprints as well as the removal of inscriptions in the court database related to your file.

What kind of information do I need to give to a police officer who is asking to speak with me?


Identify yourself correctly by giving your full legal name (no nicknames or chosen names), your date of birth and your home address. Following identification, we strongly advise you to remain silent and communicate immediately with the office of Me Arij Riahi.

Can I avoid a criminal record if I don’t have a defense to present to the court?


If you have been charged with a crime that you have no prior convictions (first time offenders), the office of Me Arij Riahi will make it a priority to avoid the creation of a criminal record by ensuring that we review your eligibility to a discharge - whether it is unconditional or conditional. Your eligibility to a discharge will be analysed from your personal profile et the nature of the charges held against you. Know that charges bearing a minimal sentence, such as driving under the influence, do not allow you to benefit from a discharge.